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Join our info webinar and learn how metabolic balance® - the leading holistic weight management program in Europe - can resolve your overweight or obesity issue naturally.......without the use of pills, shakes or injections! Stop Your Relentless Search for an Ideal Weight Management program now.


  • You have reached your ideal weight.
  • You have adopted a new lifestyle in relationship to food.
  • ​You know exactly what healthy foods your body needs to maintain your ideal weight.
  • You no longer struggle with body image and now have the energy and optimism to do whatever you want to do.
  • You no longer eat your feelings because emotional eating is in your rear view mirror.
  • You have made peace with food and are living life free from yo-yo dieting.
  • You finally realize it's not just about the weight

Begin Living Your Dreams Now!

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What Makes Metabolic Balance® Unique?

  • It is a personalized nutrition plan based on the analysis of over 30 markers from your blood values.
  • Your unique plan is made up of the optimal list of foods and amounts to eat in order to balance your metabolism.
  • You will be fully educated about the "whys" of how the program operates by working with a certified coach.
  • Specialized coaching helps process emotional eating issues and create a long lasting lifestyle change in relationship to food and healthy living.
  • You establish a natural and healthy sense of hunger; food cravings become a thing of the past. 

The Metabolic Balance® is Also About What You Gain in Life; Not Just About the Weight You Lose.

  • It's about being able to see life differently because your body systems are balance.
  • Your struggle with other health issues is vastly diminished.
  • You've regained contact with your inner self and you know what tastes and feels good for your body.
  • It's a change in lifestyle with your relationship to food.
  • You become more body aware and learn to listen to its healthy messages.
  • You begin to choose foods that make sense to your healthy new way of being.

It’s Important to Know what Metabolic Balance® is Not.

  • It's not a weight-loss program, rather a secondary benefit of balancing your body is that your excess weight is released, or gained as needed.
  • It's not a one size fits all program that you begin and then end; it's a long term lifestyle change based upon the nutritional needs specific to your unique body.
  • While food is a main focus of metaboic balance® it is not just about what you eat but also about how your life begins to feel and taste differently.
  • By eating the right healthy foods for your unique body's nutritional needs, many internal changes take place and you become inwardly as well as outwardly fit and vibrantly healthy.
Read One Client's Experience!

I have had a wonderful experience with the Metabolic-Balance Weight Management program. I noticed results within the first week of starting the program, such as increased energy and my stomach was not bloating at night anymore. It seems that my body was responding in a very positive way to the foods in my meal plan, and I felt enthusiastic!

I was surprised by the added benefits of changing the foods I was eating. Within two weeks of starting this program, my blood sugar was more balanced.  It was easy on my body to follow the program without feeling any fatigue or hunger between meals.  In time, I also began to sleep better. 

I feel very blessed by the positive changes I am experiencing, and being at my goal weight. I plan to stick with my plan from here on out! ~Kim A., San Elijo Hills, CA

Your Call to Action

Let’s face it, when you look better you feel better. You more easily gain the confidence to become unstoppable in your life.

If you are serious about taking steps forward to reaching your ideal weight and achieving a lasting and healthy lifestyle change, I’d love to tell you more. 

Don't go it alone a moment longer.  Lets make your intention your reality and start today!

Shoot me an email and we'll find a time to chat!

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