You have adopted a new lifestyle in relationship to food.

You know exactly what healthy foods your body needs to maintain your ideal weight.

You no longer want to eat the way you used to because you have a nourishing relationship with your body.

You no longer struggle with body image and now have the energy and optimism to do whatever you want to do.

You no longer eat your feelings because emotional eating is in your rear view mirror.

You have made peace with food and are living life free from yo-yo dieting.

You finally realize it’s not just about the weight.

I’m Lori Cassidy, with Wellness Awakenings

I have truly aspired to live my life more lightly. On the outside, I finally lost that persistent 20 lbs. and have kept it off for over two years. But what I deeply believe is that it’s not just about the weight. It’s about balancing your body internally and externally in order to balance your life and enjoy it more fully.

What sets me apart from other transformational coaches is both the proven, road-tested approaches I have studied and used myself to achieve and maintain lasting weight loss. In addition, my psychotherapy and coach training and my lifelong commitment to best practices and learning equip me with skills to go deep in my work with you to identify and help you release emotions and unhealthy eating patterns that have been standing between you and your ideal weight and a lasting sense of confidence and well-being. Life is truly good when you experience a sense of renewed freedom and ease.

The Metabolic Balance® process has two very unique dynamics unlike any others I’ve ever known:

  • First—the creation of a personalized nutritional food plan based on your own blood values/markers and personal health profile
  • Second—specialized coaching to process emotional eating issues and create a long lasting lifestyle change in relationship to food and healthy living

I became a Certified Metabolic Balance® Coach in 2011 and now guide clients from San Diego and around the world to feel great from the inside out for the rest of their lives. It’s helped me start living my dreams rather than living old conditioned memories.

Begin living your dreams now!

The Metabolic Balance® approach is all about what you gain in life; not just about the weight you lose.

It’s about being able to see life differently because your body systems are balanced. Your struggle with other health issues is vastly diminished. You’ve regained contact with your inner self and you know what tastes and feels good for your body. It’s a change in lifestyle with your relationship to food. You become more body aware and learn to listen to its healthy messages. You begin to choose foods that make sense to your healthy new way of being.

It’s important to know what Metabolic Balance® is not.

It’s not a weight-loss program, rather a secondary benefit of balancing your body is that your excess weight is released, or gained as needed.

It’s not a one size fits all program that you begin and then end; it’s a long term lifestyle change based upon the nutritional needs specific to your unique body.

And while food is a main focus of metabolic balance it is not just about what you eat but also about how your life begins to feel and taste differently. By eating the right healthy foods for your unique body’s nutritional needs, many internal changes take place and you become inwardly as well as outwardly fit and vibrantly healthy.

What Makes Metabolic Balance® unique?

  • It is a personalized nutrition plan based on the analysis of over 30 markers from your blood work.
  • Your unique plan is made up of the optimal list of foods and amounts to eat in order to balance your metabolism.
  • You will be fully educated about the “whys” of how the program operates by working with a certified coach.
  • You establish a natural and healthy sense of hunger, food cravings become a thing of the past.


Let’s face it, when you look better you feel better. You gain the confidence to become unstoppable in your life by creating new opportunities that will light up your life for the better. These are the results I want to guide YOU to achieve.

If you are serious about taking steps forward to achieve lasting and healthy lifestyle change, take the next step by downloading the free ebook designed to show you how the new research coming out of Europe is changing the way we think about achieving ideal weight, emotional well-being, and optimal health.

Through this process you will be seen, heard, and helped in a life-changing way that will make a profound difference in the quality of your life and how great you feel about yourself and your body. Don’t go it alone a moment longer. Let’s make your intention your reality and start today!