Lori Cassidy

Lori Cassidy, MSW, LCSW

Transformational Coach/Psychotherapist

Certified Metabolic Balance® Coach

Life Coach

Life Coach, Guiding people 40 & better to make mindful choices and lasting lifestyle changes around ideal weight, emotional well-being and optimal health.

I discovered there is more to being at your ideal weight than counting calories

What I know to be true is that change beckons us to move forward. Change can inspire us, and I believe every person has all she needs to fulfill her desires and live from a place of joy. My greatest contribution is to empower people to awaken to this possibility and to bring their heart’s desires into their present experience. Yearning for a deeper level of conversation is what keeps me curious and engaged in life. It’s what I call “deepage.” It’s about moving beyond the superficial and diving deep to find ways to connect with the hearts and souls of the people I befriend and work with. Perhaps this curiosity was sparked by a “ Who am I” question on a college entrance exam. Puzzling as it was at the time, I gave the question my best shot and then went on to achieve a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work and have a private therapy practice for over fifteen years. However, the question in its many forms has always been with me. Struggling through my own weight issues sent me on a quest to help others free themselves from the up and downs of the dieting game. Through my learnings, I shed those extra twenty pounds and know how to help others do the same. I changed my relationship with food through a combination of the Metabolic Balance® program and new emotional competence techniques designed to release old habitual patterns. It changed my lifestyle forever. What I found is that you can take a quantum leap and let go of the longing for a different way of being—both physically and emotionally. The self-doubt, the sense of powerlessness and any other underlying anxieties can be addressed and eliminated. You can take action from a new sense of self-expression and regain that sense of aliveness you know is within you. The answer to my question “Who am I?” continues to evolve as I strive to live authentically and compassionately each day. Partnering with people committed to make lasting changes in their lives is deeply rewarding and I look forward to discussing how I can be of assistance in your quest for personal growth and awakening.
My children, seen here in Colorado with Deepak Chopra, are forging their own paths to live life lightly.
My children, seen here in Colorado with Deepak Chopra, are forging their own paths to live life lightly.

My Journey to Live Life Lightly

From my very first diet of cottage cheese and peaches to becoming a lifetime member with Weight Watchers, I know the diet landscape well. With my Weight Watchers membership card in hand, I used to insist my family go to Furr’s cafeteria for dinner so that I could reluctantly select mushy orange roughy and iceberg lettuce salads. I was a classic yo-yo dieter. I tried a few other diet programs — only to regain that depressing twenty pounds again. Exhausted by the physical and emotional weight I was carrying, I almost gave up the fight (as I had seen a couple of my friends do). And yet, I knew there must be a way to hit an ideal weight and live a more balanced life. I refused to give up. Having become an educator, psychotherapist and mentor, I was always looking for new and innovative ways to expand my knowledge base. I studied and became a Certified Coach of a system called The Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning. As part of my training, I cleared many of my internal food issues yet still didn’t have a total handle on my weight. Believing there are no accidents, I said YES to an invitation to attend training for a program called Metabolic Balance®. The program believes “one size does not fit all.” I was introduced to a food plan made specifically to my body’s nutritional needs. And I learned a new way to be healthy and maintain a lifestyle I had always longed for. I shed those twenty pounds for the last time and have been without them now for over two years. Today, I support and guide my clients through the transition to a healthier lifestyle that they have always wanted and one they can maintain for the rest of their lives.