Ask Yourself the Hard Questions

Sometimes it takes a series of clear questions to help you see how your relationship to food is effecting your health. Contemplate your answers to the following 6 questions and ask whether or not you’re satisfied with the results. Because truly, in this moment, you have the opportunity to realize that your desire to change is greater than your desire to remain the same. You have most likely tried many weight loss programs, except something as unique as Metabolic Balance®. I know, you think this is just another weight loss program, however, I guarantee this one works if you are serious about achieving ideal weight, emotional well-being and optimal health. I can help you navigate this life style change so that weight becomes a non-issue in your life–you deserve this! Connect with me below and let’s find a way to make your dreams your reality. Take note that the questions do not ask about BMI (Body Mass Index) or other fat to weight ratio measurements such as Skinfold thicknesses, bioelectrical impedance or underwater weight. The reason is simple those measurements are, at best, indicators of weight issues and potential health problems. The BMI Calculator and the other test do not offer solutions and without true diagnostic tools like blood test we are forced to randomly try diets (YoYo dieting) that are not designed for our metabolisms or personal nutritional needs. The questions in this assessment aim to assess your emotional and physical well being.