Thank You all for taking the time to keep me updated on your success.  As a Nutritional Consultant it is always gratifying to hear about the difference our work together is making in your life.

I am blessed with positive changes. I have had a wonderful experience with the Metabolic-Balance Weight Management program since beginning May. I noticed results within the first week of starting the program, such as, increased energy and my stomach was not bloating at night anymore. It seems that my body was responding in a very positive way to the foods in my meal plan, and I felt enthusiastic! I never even thought there would be added benefits of changing the foods I was eating and how I was used to eating. Within two weeks of starting this program, my blood sugar was much more balanced and it was easy on my body to follow the program without feeling any fatigue or hunger in between my meals. In time, I began to sleep better through the night. I feel very blessed by the positive changes I am experiencing, and being at my goal weight. I plan to stick with my plan from here on out! ~Kim A., San Elijo Hills, CA
I know now I can sustain my results over time and that is so reassuring. My weight had been a life long struggle and I was so tired of living this way.  My body felt heavy, bloated and achy.  I was worried about my health.  I was embarrassed, frustrated and disappointed in myself. I liked the program because it shows me exactly what to do to meet the needs of my body. I now feel empowered on all levels. It’s like I have my real life back now. Lori’s emotional work was crucial for my success. Her coaching helped me stay the course and avoid the slippery slope back to old habits. I know now I can sustain my results over time and that is so reassuring. I like eating according to the program. I feel deprived when I’m not able to stick to it – it’s just the opposite of how I used to feel. I recommend the metabolic balance® program because it truly is sustainable! ~Konnie N., Boise, ID

I managed to achieve unbelievable results that I would otherwise only have dreamed of. I HAVE LOST 35 POUNDS! I have been an up and down dieter for many years. I wasn’t obese, I ate healthy (mostly), I exercised regularly, but I just couldn’t lose the extra weight that had crept up on me in my 40s and 50s. Then I met Lori Cassidy. Lori is the reason that I was able to continue on the program when I was depressed and upset about the lack of weight loss. Her personal coaching, support and positivity encouraged me to persist and now I am so happy that I did. I have gone down 3 to 4 dress sizes, have a great attitude, feel fantastic and look on the outside the way I feel on the inside. The Metabolic Balance® program has been the easiest program I’ve ever been on. There are no special foods, no special preparations. You eat regular, healthy food available at any grocery store. The plan is simple to follow. It is a lifestyle change and one that I’m happy to follow. Cheats are allowed if you have urges but you really won’t. I’m a happy convert and I recommend it for you, too! ~Lisa Adams, Carlsbad, CA

Issues with body image dominated my twenties and the desire for some sort of elusive perfection was all-consuming and completely exhausting. Somewhere in my mid thirties I negotiated a tentative peace with my body and let up on the relentless self criticism by becoming more accepting and easy going. I still sought a strong, fit, lean body and exercised heavily working with a trainer and putting in 90 mins. of cardio five to six times a week. My frustration began to mount when, after all this effort, my body just wouldn’t respond with significant weight loss or reduction in inches. I found myself at forty intensely focused again, less on body image and more on body optimization. I knew something wasn’t working. I had religiously committed to “increasing the output and decreasing the input” using reputable companies promoting cleanses and shake products. Even my trainer became perplexed. I started to hear more about the effects of hormones on weight loss and the need for a more customized approach. I was cautious, borderline cynical in fact, because I just couldn’t handle the thought of another “program.” But I researched and asked a lot of critical questions. The science behind Metabolic Balance is what ultimately convinced me to commit time and money to the program. When you become aware of the complexity of the chemical processes taking place biologically in your body you realize that a “one size fits all” approach is just too vulnerable to the massive variations happening on a cellular level. The shift that occurred inside of me was that this was no longer about disciplined willpower but more about trusting science to help me achieve the peace and balance in my body that I had been seeking pretty much since high school. The most significant thing I can say about Metabolic Balance is that at a very tumultuous time in my life (the ending of a nine year relationship) when I would have WITHOUT A DOUBT turned to food (and wine!) to console myself, I was able to start and almost effortlessly maintain the program and its rules. After an inevitable period of adjustment, I settled in and have pretty much thrived. I’m 22 lbs lighter and the scale continues to drop. I have so much trust and confidence in my plan that I know I have finally arrived at a place of optimal health and well-being, a very very wonderful place to be. ~Nicole Haugland, Organizational Development Consultant, Denver, CO

Lori has an air of confidence. Bottom line, she’s competent and inspirational. She immediately draws you in, and you feel like you’re held in this safe place. She listens, she’s compassionate, and she’s not judgmental in any way – nothing’s ever out of bounds to bring up! She has a way of acknowledging and honoring that we all go through things, and that’s normal. Lori can change your life. I can count on one hand the people who’ve been most impactful in my life, and Lori would be one of them. She’s taught me to have real comfort in who I am and how I show up in the world. ~ Colleen Gaffney, CPCC, MBA, Executive Coach & HR Consultant, Boulder, Colorado,

You know, I’m not a beginner. I’m a minister and I’ve done a lot of self- development – I teach self-development in my business. And she can work from that level because she’s done a lot of personal growth herself. Lori is really multi-faceted. Her background is huge, and that’s important for any of her clients, wherever they are on their spiritual or self-discovery path. Lori has great calming energy. She’s not watching the clock, she’s looking to help you get through and do whatever it is that you need to do. She works from her heart, from a healing place. She realizes that people do things differently. She’s a good listener, and she knows that the way people explore themselves, the way things come together for them, is different for everyone. And she’s a therapist – she can go deeper than people who just use a tool, and just go by the tool and what the tool says. She’s able to look beyond that and use her total experience, not just the experience of one thing. That’s big for me, that’s important. ~Barbara Lippert, Independent Consultant, Arbonne International, Solana Beach, CA

Lori helped me to see clearly what had been haunting me and holding me back from living fully. She helped me to begin to see the beautiful side of myself and the fact that I did have worth. Her warm and easy way gives you the sense that she really cares, and that she’s going to be there for you. She’s accessible when you’re in a crisis. She has an amazing ability to be right where you’re at, she follows up, and she stays with you. She’s the best person you could ever hope to have with you in difficult times. In working with Lori, I could feel the weight of the heavy, toxic energy I was carrying lift gently and, little by little, the healing process began its work. To me, that’s the miracle of it all. ~Lyn Blinkhorn, San Francisco, CA

I started my phase 1 of my plan on 12/22 and today I achieved my goal !!! I lost close to 20 lb over the last 4 weeks. I expected that I would not achieve those 20lb during the phase 2 as I had already lost 40 lb over the last 18 month with my
 own home made diet and intense exercise but the experience with my MB plan was pleasantly a different story! Losing 20lb in three or 4 weeks and NOT starving is indeed a different story. Unbelievable! One thing I deviated from my strict phase was exercising. 
I continued exercising as I was exercising quite intensively before and that would kill me not to do that anymore. I did reduce the intensity as recommended and continued. Please see my stats below. In May 2011 I was diagnosed with severe diabetes; Weight: 240 Glucose: 380 A1C: 11.8 With my previous diet and intense exercise and a anti-diabetic treatment I was in December 2012 when I started my plan Weight: 200 Glucose: 99-110 A1C: 6.5 I stopped my medication in November knowing I’m going on my MB plan and today. Weight: 179 Glucose: 80-95 A1C: tbd in February Since I’m on my mb plan I have not had fasting glucose above 100 and this without medication. Waist May 2011: 43 (I didn’t really measured at that time but my pants size was 42-44) December 2012: 40 (pants size 38-36) Today: 35 (I wear 34 pants and its a bit lose 😉 I just wanted to share this with you and if you think that’s a story worth of making public as testimonial to other coaches or outside community please feel free. Happy to share this success with you. All the best, Dr. Hassan

I’m sending an update on Rick’s progress which I thought might interest you and the program. I believe I told you Rick lost 40lbs from the start of the diet January 17th to April 1st. He has since put back on about 5lbs but he still follows the program for the most part. He still does not eat rice, potatoes, pasta, bread, or sweets. We still try to stay to the five hours between meals although he does have a few nuts between sometimes or a piece of fruit. 
A few days after starting the diet in January we noticed that his blood sugar was testing perfectly each morning and I suggested he stop the insulin shots until such time as his sugar tested over the limit which it never did again. He has not had an injection of insulin since about the 22nd of January, almost a year now. 
We just received our latest blood results from the doctor here and that is what I wanted to share with you. Rick has made dramatic improvement in his blood sugar and insulin resistant levels since this time last year. His blood sugar level is now in the normal range and his insulin resistance went from 20.9 to 3.4. 
If you wish to have a copy of these tests I could fax them to you with a fax number. I don’t know if this would be helpful to the metabolic program. 
The doctor here said he has many diabetic patients and has never seen such results and especially considering Rick went off the insulin injections. He was amazed! 

Sincerely and best wishes, Susan B. – Letter from wife of 67 year old participant with Type 2 diabetes ~Rick B.

MB is a truly fantastic way to improve your health, feel great and have more energy. 
I lost 18 kgs (38 pounds) in 3 months, with this personalized food plan. 
Its very easy to follow on-line/skype as my coach Leonard is always available and easy to contact for guidance and support. 
If like me you travel a lot it can still be done if you plan ahead. 
I would strong recommend to get the MB book to better understand and review this revolutionary system. 
Rui D.
Boeing 757 Airline Captain – 55 years old ~Rui D.