Ways we can work together on a Nutrition Plan


1. Build The Foundation—Get Clear, Calm & Focused

Includes: 3 Private Sessions designed to lay the groundwork to move successfully through this new innovative nutrition program based on your unique body’s nutritional needs.
  • Do you feel alone and defeated sorting through the astonishing amount of health information choices?
  • Have you tried everything with ONLY minimal success?
  • Do you consider yourself an emotional eater?

2. The Metabolic Balance® Program

Navigate Your Journey to a Healthier & More Mindful Way of Life Forever Includes:
  • A report describing blood test results based on over 30 blood values to determine your unique nutritional needs.
  • A Personalized Nutrition Plan designed to include the “right healthy foods” specifically for you obtain optimal wellness and ideal weight.
  • Individualized coaching support with psychotherapist and coach to maximize your success on your path to successful lifestyle change.

3. The Optimal Metabolic Balance® Package

Integrates Previous Two Options For Best Impact and Results Includes:
  • Realize the results you desire without going it alone any longer.
  • Build the groundwork to successful completion of a lifestyle change with eating healthy foods for your unique body so you feel internally and externally fit.
  • Blood work to determine the ultimate nutrition program for you.
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan based on your unique nutritional needs to have a balanced body and a balanced life you have always desired.
  • Coaching for continued success (includes 12 hours individualized coaching).
  • Opportunity to repeat blood testing at 6 and 12 months.

What it Costs You To Do Nothing

  • Expensive clothes that you can’t wear
  • Experiences you won’t treat yourself to because you don’t like the way you look in a swimsuit
  • Regret for the things you don’t do
  • Health issues that turn into big challenges that may cost you big time in medical bills
  • What you have been receiving in life is all you are likely to enjoy going forward
If you do nothing, nothing happens.

What are you passionate about?

My clients are longing to know what it is that gives purpose to their lives. Each have their own unique issues, concerns and vision of the life they wish to live and yet, something holds them back.

Do you see yourself in one or more of the following scenarios?

The path to nutrition health You know that physical health and fitness are important, but you just can’t get motivated. Perhaps you’re not at your ideal weight or you have self-sabotaging habits you’d like to break. Things are out of alignment in this area of your life, and you know you need help to find balance. Armed with an understanding of your unique metabolism and specific coaching support, you can discover how to feel, look, and be your best in all areas of your life. You’re no stranger to self-growth and self-discovery. You may have sought the help of a therapist in the past or taken one or many personal growth classes or workshops. You’ve done a lot of hard work, but now you seem to be stalled out. The truth is that all the work you’ve done in the past has not been wasted. In fact, it has brought you to this new place in your journey—a place from which you can launch the life you’ve always wanted. There may have been stressful or troubled times in your life. You thought you’d worked through all your old issues, but now they’re coming up yet again! You have worked through them—to a point. But old negative programming and traumas exist in energetic layers, and they reside not just in our conscious minds but also in our subconscious and in our bodies. You can’t just talk them away. Now, using new tools and technologies, there are ways to release these old energies once and for all. With the barriers from the past gone, you are free to create your life the way you want it to be. You’ve been successful and have accomplished a great deal in your life and your career. Now, though, the things that used to motivate you feel hollow or even shallow. You have a nagging feeling that there is something else you are meant to do, but you’re not sure what it is or how to make it happen. There is something more! You can learn to tap into your intuition, trust yourself, and discover your life’s true purpose. From that solid base, you can take the actions needed to follow your dreams. You still find yourself feeling anxious and uncomfortable in social situations. The thought of “putting yourself out there” makes you want to hide under the covers. You’d love to be more involved in your community, expand your social and/or professional network, have more friends in your life, or even meet someone special, but something holds you back. Working together, we can identify and eradicate the core negative beliefs that keep you from finding joy and fulfillment in the social opportunities of your life.

I work with people who are:

  • Searching for meaning and passion in their lives
  • Open to new avenues of self-discovery and ways to create change
  • Determined to lighten up their lives and live more authentically
  • Committed to overcoming blocks and old issues that stand in the way of their progress
  • While my clients are mainly women, I also work with men who are open to looking at themselves in a new way.

What Is Waiting For You When You Say YES To The Metabolic Balance® Program

  • A well-researched nutrition system that balances your body internally providing you with optimal wellness and the ability to maintain your ideal weight.
  • A personalized food plan based on your blood values that create the “right healthy foods” for the nutritional needs of your unique body.
  • Individualized coaching support that addresses emotional eating or any other issues that get in the way of your successful life style change regarding food using cognitive and humanistic approaches along with energy modalities and mindfulness training.
  • An increased sense of awareness and a new way of relating to food for the rest of your life as well as the freedom from the endless worry of yoyo dieting and body image issues from the past.
  • An increased internal motivation to make choices to change because it feels more natural to eat what makes sense and feels right for your body.
  • Access to Lori Cassidy, MSW, LCSW and Certified Metabolic Balance Coach, by phone, Email or in person access (for clients in San Diego).
  • If extended individual support or mastermind group becomes an optimal option for you on your journey, talk with Lori about packages designed to keep you moving forward and living your IDEAL WEIGHT FOREVER.